This Books are based on our experience with the students over past many years.
Books are designed to help students actually understand what you are doing, rather than blindly applying memorized techniques. The books actually guides students where to focus more.

The objective of the book is to help students develop their problem-solving skills/accuracy, the ability to reach the crux of the matter, and the speed to get answers in limited time.
The books are designed to develop the interest in the subject through various aptitude based problem solving which helps to enrich the think-tank of the students.

Though this book has enough questions for practice, each question has some concept in it, which is useful not only in that question but also helps one to find common concept in many questions.

Main Features :
» Useful for all level of students (entrants, grandmasters etc.)
» Students can start solving books at the preliminary state of any chapter/topic as it has systematic theory content with solved problems as the theory part is most
» Since the book is fully solved it is ultimate tool for students in the absence of the faculty.
» Archives section keep students in touch with latest trends of IITJEE, and ensure that the theory and problems discussed really helping in solving IITJEE problems.
» Different section like Assertion- Reasoning, Comprehension improves the analytical skills of the students.
» Content represents the latest trends of IITJEE.
» Concept Application exercise followed by the theory and solved problems builds strong concept.
» Covers wide spectrum of problems.
» Many problems are solved with innovative method based on I.Q.
» It is useful for faculty even for their lecture preparation. Topics are in line with teaching flow mostly in all parts of India.